Culture文化 Masterpiece名著 160P 博物志.10卷.西晋张华编.续10卷.宋李石
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The Natural History is the first natural history book in China compiled by Zhang Hua. The base copy is Martyr Huang Pi’s Ritual Residence Publication, which has ten volumes in total. It records the geography of mountains and rivers, birds and animals, biographies, myths and ancient history, immortals and alchemy, etc. After the “Classic of Mountains and Seas”, China has another wonderful and all inclusive book, which fills the blank of China’s no natural history books since ancient times. It has an indelible position in the history of Chinese novels and has a certain impact on the development of later novels. The style of Continued Natural History is generally similar to that of Natural History, and the scope of its contents is expanded compared with that of Natural History. Because “Zhang Hua described the geography, which was not determined by Yu, and was left by many officials in the sky”, the first part of the book discussed the “celestial phenomena”, and then extended from heaven and earth to mountains and seas, and then to people. In addition, he also dabbled in animals, plants, medicine and other contents. Zhang Hua (232-300), with the word Maoxian, was born in Fangcheng, Fanyang (now Gu’an, Hebei). Politicians, litterateurs and book collectors in the Western Jin Dynasty. He compiled the first natural history book in China, Natural History. Li Shi, born in the Song Dynasty, whose birth and death dates are unknown, has a name of Fang Zhouzi and is from Ziyang. The Records of Zichuan recorded that he was highly regarded as a scholar. At the end of Shaoxing, he was recommended as a doctor of imperial academy and dismissed as a scholar in Chengdu. After entering Weilang again on the Qiandao Road, he learned about Hezhou, Lizhou and Meizhou. Finally, Chengdu transfer judge. He is the author of “Collection of Arks”, “The Ark Sutra”, “Records of Lineage”, etc.

Culture文化 Masterpiece名著 160P 博物志.10卷.西晋张华编.续10卷.宋李石

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