Culture文化 Masterpiece名著 270P 安徒生童话.安徒生著.杜拉克.埃德蒙.插图
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法国插画家埃德蒙·杜拉克(Edmund Dulac)被誉为20世纪初插画黄金时代的三巨头之一 尤其以为童话配图而著称于世。这本伦敦霍德与斯托顿 (Hodder & Stoughton)于1911年首版的《安徒生童话集 Stories from Hans Andersen》可谓是他全盛时期的代表作之一 其中收录了杜拉克绘制的28幅精美独立的手工贴片式彩画。
Edmund Dulac, a French illustrator, is praised as one of the three giants in the golden age of illustration at the beginning of the 20th century, especially famous for fairy tale pictures. The first edition of Andersen’s Fairy Tales Stories from Hans Andersen by Hodder&Stoughton in London in 1911 is one of his representative works in his heyday, which includes 28 exquisite and independent handmade paster style color paintings painted by Durac

Culture文化 Masterpiece名著 270P 安徒生童话.安徒生著.杜拉克.埃德蒙.插图

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