Culture文化 Masterpiece名著 163P 五伦行实图.李秉宪.1797
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通过朝鲜李氏王朝的第 21 位君主英祖(1724-76 年在位)的命令,《五伦行实图》(五种儒教美德的阐述故事)是由两本从中文经典中选出的伦理道德故事书籍装订在一起而成。这两本书是《三纲行实图》(阐述关于三纲的行为)和《二伦行实图》(阐述奉行两种儒教美德的故事)。本书描述了从古代朝鲜和中国文学中选出的 150 个模范的成就。主题覆盖了包括君臣、父子、夫妻、兄弟和朋友之间关系的内容。本书包括的中文插画附有简单的朝鲜文字注解,以帮助不能阅读中文的一般群众理解其含义。
According to the order of the 21st Emperor Yingzu of the Lee Dynasty of Korea (who was in power from 1724-76), the Five Virtues in Practice (the story of the five Confucian virtues) was bound together by two ethical and moral stories selected from Chinese classics. These two books are “The Three Cardinal Principles in Action” (describing the behavior of the Three Cardinal Principles) and “The Two Cardinal Principles in Action” (describing the story of pursuing two Confucian virtues). This book describes the achievements of 150 models selected from ancient Korean and Chinese literature. The theme covers the relationship between monarch and minister, father and son, husband and wife, brothers and friends. The Chinese illustrations included in this book are accompanied by simple Korean annotations to help ordinary people who cannot read Chinese understand their meanings.

Culture文化 Masterpiece名著 163P 五伦行实图.李秉宪.1797

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