Comic动漫 Culture文化 200P 七龙珠漫画(全彩版)- 第01卷
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故事的主人公叫“孙悟空”。 在很久很久以前,地球上流传着一个古老的传说:只要集齐七颗龙珠,神龙就会出现,并且能够满足收集者提出的任何一个愿望.于是一群为了达到自己目的的人们为了得到龙珠展开了一场殊死的搏斗,也由此改变了故事主人公孙悟空的一生……
“Dragon Ball (Full Color Edition)” is a finished comic book of other categories. The author is Ji Ying She.
The hero of the story is called “Monkey King”. Long, long ago, an ancient legend spread on the earth: once seven Dragon Balls were collected, the Divine Dragon would appear and be able to satisfy any wish of the collector So a group of people in order to achieve their own goals started a deadly fight to get the Dragon Ball, which also changed the life of the hero Sun Wukong

Comic动漫 Culture文化 200P 七龙珠漫画(全彩版)- 第01卷

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