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《易牙遗意》是中国商业出版社1984年9月(第一版)出版的书籍,作者是韩奕。明代的食疗家-韩奕,因推崇名厨易牙,而写了本「易牙遗意」意思是易牙遗留下来原意。这本书分为十二类,共记载了150多种调料、饮料、糕饼、面点、菜肴、蜜饯、食药的制作方法,全书分为脯、蔬菜、糕饵、汤饼等十二类,内容非常丰富。实为仿古代食经之作,此书菜肴有五大特色:浓淡适中、适应面广、接受度高;制作明了;具有历史的考究;更有重要的史记价值。后明代周履靖著《续易牙遗意》,也是托名的仿古食经之作。周履靖:字逸之,初号梅虚,改号螺冠子,晚号梅颠道人,嘉兴(浙江)人,擅丹青,攻书法,对其历代养生食疗方法,有卓 越贡献,著有《夷门广牍》,《青蓮筋咏》,《赤凤髓》,《萬寿仙书》等。周履靖因推崇名厨易牙的手艺,延续了韩奕精神,而写了续易牙遗意,全书内容增加了五十五种食疗制作方法,使全书内容更加丰富了。易牙何人:春秋时齐国名厨也,也有写成狄牙的。他是齐桓公宠幸的近臣,用为雍人。雍,古文作饔,是早餐、晚餐的意思。易牙作为雍人,就是专管料理齐桓公饮食的厨师。他擅长于调味,加上善于逢迎,所以很得齐桓公的欢心。易牙和管仲同时在齐国作事。管仲对齐国的贡献很大,管仲死后,易牙与竖刁等拥立公子无亏,迫使太子昭奔宋,齐国因此发生内战。由此可见,易牙虽是厨师,却对政治生活也有很大关连。易牙作为厨师,最有名的是杀子烹献的故事。齐桓公对易牙的烹饪颇为赞赏,但日子一久,也难免会产生落套的感觉。就在齐桓公吃腻了美食而索求人肉时,易牙曾经杀子烹调而进献。易牙以名厨传世久远,当然与这故事极其有关。
Yi Ya Yi Yi Yi is a book published by China Commercial Press in September 1984 (the first edition). The author is Han Yi. Han Yi, a dietician in the Ming Dynasty, wrote a book of “Yiya Legacy”, which means the original meaning left by Yiya, because he praised Yiya, a famous chef. This book is divided into 12 categories, recording the preparation methods of more than 150 kinds of condiments, beverages, cakes, pastries, dishes, preserves, and medicines. The book is divided into 12 categories, including preserved fruits, vegetables, cake bait, and soup cakes, which are very rich in content. It is actually a copy of the ancient food classics. The dishes in this book have five characteristics: moderate intensity, wide adaptability and high acceptance; Clear production; It has historical research; More important historical value. In the late Ming Dynasty, Zhou Lujing wrote “The Inheritance of Yi Teeth”, which is also a pseudo-classical work of food classics. Zhou Lujing: The name is Yizhi, the first name is Meixu, the second name is Luoguanzi, the later name is Meiding Taoist, Jiaxing (Zhejiang) native, who is good at painting and calligraphy, and has made outstanding contributions to the health care and dietotherapy methods of his past dynasties. He has written Yimen Guangdu, Qinglian Jinyong, Chifeng Sui, Longevity Immortal Book, etc. Zhou Lujing continued the spirit of Han Yi by advocating the craftsmanship of Yiya, a famous chef, and wrote the legacies of Yiya. The book added 55 kinds of dietotherapy methods, which enriched the content of the book. Who is Yi Ya? In the Spring and Autumn Period, there were also famous chefs of Qi who wrote it as Di Ya. He is the favorite minister of Duke Huan of Qi, and he is used as Yong people. Yong, called in ancient Chinese, means breakfast and dinner. As a Yong people, Yi Ya is the chef who is in charge of the food of Duke Huan of Qi. He was good at seasoning and flattering, so he was very popular with Duke Huan of Qi. Yi Ya and Guan Zhong worked in the State of Qi at the same time. Guan Zhong made a great contribution to the state of Qi. After Guan Zhong’s death, Yi Ya and Zhu Diao supported the establishment of the prince without loss, forcing the prince Zhao to run to Song, and the state of Qi suffered a civil war. It can be seen that although Yi Ya is a cook, he also has a great influence on political life. As a cook, Yi Ya is most famous for the story of killing son and cooking sacrifice. Duke Huan of Qi appreciated Yi Ya’s cooking, but over time, it was inevitable to feel trapped. When Duke Huan of Qi was tired of delicious food and asked for human flesh, Yi Ya once killed his son to cook and offered it. Yi Ya has been handed down as a famous chef for a long time, which is of course extremely related to this story.

Delicious美食 Record记录 86P 易牙遗意·中国烹饪古籍丛刊 02

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