Culture文化 Kungfu武学 300P 《浑元剑经阐释》马国兴
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The Hunyuan Sword Classic was written by Bi Kun at the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty. It is a martial arts monograph that details the principles of sword technique and its cultivation process. As far as the Scripture is concerned, it is a systematic and perfect project in the traditional way of hand combat. All the works described in this paper are based on the author’s personal practice and verification, and are summarized from written records. The full text is composed of “preface, precepts, external articles, internal articles and conclusion articles”, with a large layout, complete structure, clear pattern and distinct essence. It is a classic book of Taoist cultivation with smooth writing, graceful writing and detailed description. The current version is a copy of the late Qing Dynasty.

Culture文化 Kungfu武学 300P 《浑元剑经阐释》马国兴

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