Culture文化 Kungfu武学 181P 《咏春拳——木人桩应用法》韩广玖
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韩广玖,1956年出生于广州,自幼随父习武,16岁从名师谭迪修蔡李佛拳,20岁参军入伍并在边防部队磨炼多年,20世纪80年代,先后师从咏春拳(梁赞派系)嫡传八代传人彭南及佛山太极宗师区荣钜研习咏春拳及杨式太极、六合八法等拳术,同时专注于南派武术的系统研究并卓有成效,是中国武术段位五段武师,佛山武术协会理事。曾任广东省佛山市精武体育会第23、24界理事,佛山市咏春活动中心副主任。 韩广玖先生视研究和弘扬中华武术为毕生事业,不仅为此传艺授徒,还注重深入生活,博取各家之长,突破传统地域的限制,结合实际变通创新,逐步形成自己独特的技艺风格,并提笔整理撰编武术专著。已先后出版了《罗汉伏虎拳》、《蝴蝶双掌与蝴蝶双刀》、《铁弓三线拳与行者棍》和《五形拳与十八缨枪》等多部南少林武术书籍,丰富和充实了中国传统武术理论思想宝库,为海内外武术爱好者提供了重要的参考资料,深受海内外武术爱好者的青睐。
The Application of Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is a book published by Shanxi Science and Technology Press in 2011. The author is Han Guangjiu.

The Wooden Dummy method is an advanced routine of Wing Chun. Han Guangjiu’s “Application of Wooden Dummy of Yongchun Boxing” is one of the series of Yongchun Boxing. On the basis of introducing the origin of Wooden Dummy Boxing, the purpose of boxing practice, the requirements of fighting skills, and the structure, it details the playing methods and free style of Wooden Dummy Boxing.

The book has a prominent style, rich content, and standardized explanation of movements; Illustrated with text, easy to learn and understand, beneficial for fitness; Removed excessive repetitive fist movements from the original traditional routine, and focused on the main structure and technical content of the traditional routine. Suitable for martial arts enthusiasts to read and learn.

Han Guangjiu, born in Guangzhou in 1956, practiced martial arts with his father from a young age. At the age of 16, he learned Cai Li Fo Quan from a famous teacher, Tan Di. At the age of 20, he joined the military and honed in the border defense forces for many years. In the 1980s, he studied Yongchun Quan (Liang Zan Sect) under Peng Nan, the eighth generation descendant of Yongchun Quan (Liang Zan Sect), and Foshan Tai Chi Master Qu Rongju, including Yang-style Tai Chi and Liuhe Ba Fa. He also focused on the systematic research of Southern style martial arts and achieved remarkable results, He is a Chinese martial arts master in the fifth stage and a member of the Foshan Martial Arts Association. Formerly served as a member of the 23rd and 24th boundaries of the Jingwu Sports Association in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and served as the deputy director of the Yongchun Activity Center in Foshan City. Mr. Han Guangjiu regards researching and promoting Chinese martial arts as his lifelong career. He not only imparts skills and apprenticeships for this purpose, but also pays attention to delving into daily life, learning from the strengths of various schools, breaking through the limitations of traditional regions, combining practical adaptation and innovation, gradually forming his own unique artistic style, and writing, organizing, and compiling martial arts monographs. It has published many southern Shaolin martial arts books, such as Arhat Tiger Subduing Fist, Butterfly Double Palms and Butterfly Double Blades, Iron Bow Three line Fist and Walker’s Stick, and Five shape Fist and Eighteen Ying Gun, which enrich and enrich the treasure house of Chinese traditional martial arts theory and ideas, provide important reference materials for martial arts lovers at home and abroad, and are favored by martial arts lovers at home and abroad.

Culture文化 Kungfu武学 181P 《咏春拳——木人桩应用法》韩广玖

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