Record记录 Region地理 253P 法军远征在埃及考察研究作品集之埃及自然史板画
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当时,除了携带2000门大炮 ,拿破仑的远征军还带领着一支由160多名学者和科学家组成的随军团以及上百箱的书籍和研究设备。(打仗也不忘带书吼吼吼)
Napoleon suffered a major defeat in the first anti French alliance in Italy and became a hero of the French Republic. However, his increasing popularity made the metropolitan government feel threatened… In 1798, the Paris governor appointed Napoleon as the commander-in-chief of the Arab Indian Front (Eastern Army) of the French Republic and was sent to the Middle East to suppress British expansion in the region and attempt to control the Suez Canal and sea routes to Asia.

At that time, in addition to carrying 2000 cannons, Napoleon’s expeditionary army also led a legion of over 160 scholars and scientists, as well as hundreds of boxes of books and research equipment. (Don’t forget to bring a book and roar when fighting)

The legion was known as the “French expedition to study Egyptian science and art”. During the expedition, Napoleon issued a famous command: “Let donkeys and scholars carrying luggage walk in the middle of the procession

Scholars have conducted extensive research on Egyptian archaeology, topography, and natural history. In 1802, Napoleon authorized the publication of the findings of the expedition, some of which specifically recorded the natural history of Egypt.

This is an immortal multi volume masterpiece, including illustrations, maps, academic articles, and detailed indexes.

The printing of the original imperial version of the book began in 1809 and was later popular, with a second edition issued during the Bourbon Restoration period. The significance of this book goes far beyond Napoleon’s achievements and faults.

Record记录 Region地理 253P 法军远征在埃及考察研究作品集之埃及自然史板画

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