Medicine医药 Record记录 76P 金石昆虫草木状.文俶画
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《金石昆虫草木状》共 27 卷,含 1316 幅图,描绘了 1070 种本草植物。每幅插图的右上角有文俶的父亲文从简(山水画家)用红笔标注的草药名称。《金石昆虫草木状》由明代著名画家、书法家及学者文俶(1594-1634 年)绘制。文俶是文征明(1470-1559 年)的玄孙女,其丈夫赵均(字灵均)也是画家,居住在寒山,文俶与大自然为伴,擅长花草虫蝶鸟画的创作,曾花费多年时间描摹皇宫收藏品中传统中医著作里的千余幅插图。据万历四十八年(1620 年)赵均手写的序中所述,文俶的大部分作品多为摹绘内府珍藏的本草图。她的画没有文字说明,但1505 年刘文泰等所作的《本草品汇精要》中未出版的彩色插图附有说明,因此二者很容易区分开来。
The Stone Insect Vegetation has 27 volumes, including 1316 pictures, depicting 1070 species of herbaceous plants. In the upper right corner of each illustration is the name of the herb marked with red pen by Wen Congjian, Wen Chu’s father (a landscape painter). Jinshi Insect Vegetation was painted by Wen Chu (1594-1634), a famous painter, calligrapher and scholar in the Ming Dynasty. Wen Chu is the Xuan granddaughter of Wen Zhengming (1470-1559). Her husband Zhao Jun (Lingjun) is also a painter. Living in Hanshan, Wen Chu is good at creating flowers, insects, butterflies and birds. He spent many years describing more than 1000 illustrations in traditional Chinese medicine works in the imperial palace collection. According to the preface written by Zhao Jun in 1620 (the 48th year of Wanli’s reign), most of Wen Chu’s works are sketches of the original script collected by the imperial palace. Her paintings are not illustrated in words, but the unpublished color illustrations in the Summary of Materia Medica Products by Liu Wentai and others in 1505 are illustrated, so it is easy to distinguish them.

Medicine医药 Record记录 76P 金石昆虫草木状.文俶画

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