Creation万物 Gods神明 25P 海仙画谱.海仙十八描法.小田海仙画.1861年
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Everyone knows that Lu Xun liked painting very much when he was a child. He bought a variety of painting manuals to learn painting. The first painting manual that Lu Xun bought was a book of eighteen paintings by Japanese painters, “The Painting Manual of Sea Immortals”. Zhou Zuoren wrote a detailed account in his reminiscent prose “Hundred Grass Garden (the Second Five Year Plan): Cartoons and Painting Manual” (Yibao, July 25, 1951):
Another time was in the first month (1894) when children got some lucky money and wanted to buy something. In fact, each person got no more than 200 or 300 wen, and there was nothing to buy. In addition to other odds and ends, this time I bought a copy of “Haixian Painting Manual”. Later, I learned that it was a Japanese woodcut, with the content of eighteen descriptions of sea immortals. I drew some arhats, clothing patterns, and names such as date pit description, mouse tail description, nail head description, which were quite interesting. In the place where “Twenty four Filial Piety” is mentioned in “Morning Flowers and Evening Gathering”, it is said that one of the books was painted by Japanese Hisense Oda, that is, this person. His painting is probably a little special.
Hayashi Oda (1785-1863) was a painter at the end of the Edo Shogunate in Japan. He was generally known as Liang Ping, Ying, and Ju Hai. His common seals include “Wang Ying”, “Juhai”, “Wang Ying’s Seal”, etc.

Creation万物 Gods神明 25P 海仙画谱.海仙十八描法.小田海仙画.1861年

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