Ancients古人 Celebrity名人 47P 印人画像.西泠印社编.1914
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In the third year of the Republic of China, Wu Yin, one of the founding elders of Xiling Seal Engravers’ Society, collected twenty-eight stone carvings from Ding Jing, Gao Fenghan to Zhao Zhiqian and Shi Dachou, which were embedded in the wall of Yangxian Pavilion. Wu Changshuo wrote an inscription on the front and Wu Yin wrote a preface. Each statue has an inscription or biography, and Zhu Jingyi’s postscript is attached at the end. Today’s stone statue has been destroyed. This is the rubbings of the Republic of China. This Wu hermit collected the portraits of the sages of Zhejiang School from his colleagues in Xiling, stroked the Qinzhen stone, and carved the Yin Xian Pavilion in Xiling to set an example. From Ding Jing, Gao Fenghan, Jin Dongxin and Zheng Banqiao to Xu Sangeng, Zhao Zhiqian and Shi Seng, there are 28 people, one of whom has a portrait, and the biographies are carved on the back, all according to the calligraphy of famous masters. It began in Jiayin of the Republic of China and lasted for eight years until Xinyou. There are about 600 words of Wu Yin’s inscription on the front of the volume, which is an important historical material for the study of Xiling Seal Engravers Society.

Ancients古人 Celebrity名人 47P 印人画像.西泠印社编.1914

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