Celebrity名人 Sage圣贤 4P 孔子见老子画像题字.东汉.隶书.清末拓本
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Confucius saw a portrait of Laozi, a cultural relic. It is now in the Palace Museum in Beijing, and the stone is now in the Han Stele Room of Jining Museum in Shandong Province. This stone depicts the historical story that Duke Zhao of Lu and Confucius shared the same chariot with each other and asked Laozi for rites. The Portrait of Confucius Seeing Lao Tzu is one of the stone reliefs in Wu’s Ancestral Hall. Shiyuan was in Ziyun Mountain, Jiaxiang, Shandong Province. In the 51st year of Qianlong’s reign in the Qing Dynasty (1786), Huang Yi visited and moved to Jining to study. This stone was unearthed earlier and has a list of titles. It can be regarded as a masterpiece of many Confucius’ paintings of Laozi, and has high historical and artistic value.

Celebrity名人 Sage圣贤 4P 孔子见老子画像题字.东汉.隶书.清末拓本

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