China国内名家 Painting绘画 12P 十二月月令图.轴.清画院画.台北故宫博物院藏
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This is a set of twelve custom paintings depicting various folk festivals and customs at the age of, that is, from the first month of the lunar calendar to December of the year. The painter did not sign the name or write the year, but according to scholars’ research, it may be the early years of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, which was completed by different court painters. The picture scene is rich, and the description of objects and images is exquisite. Each painting uses western perspective to draw the garden scenery, and constructs a realistic painting scene. These garden buildings extend from the lower right corner or the lower left corner of the picture to the far distance, with three or two groups of people interspersed among them, engaged in various age activities. The term “monthly decree” originally refers to the decree issued in 12 months, which has been widely used in painting names since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Most of the content shows the activities at the age of. In different months, nature will produce different plants, such as January plum, February apricot, March peach, May cattail, June lotus, September chrysanthemum; In different time sequences, people also have various activities, such as enjoying lanterns in the first month, racing dragon boats in May, begging for luck in July, watching the moon in August, climbing high in September, and skating in December. In addition to the scenes of each month, this set of December pictures depicts the corresponding specific activities, and also matches other activities of the same month in the multi-level architectural space. For example, the January scene depicts the Lantern Festival, but there are children wearing masks in the courtyard; The main activity of the Mayview is the dragon boat race, while the lower left part also shows the custom of preparing medicine; In September, the two activities of appreciating chrysanthemums and climbing high are described at the same time. This method makes the time in the picture flow, and also enhances the effect of the viewer’s line of sight moving in the picture space. These twelve picture scrolls were once hung in the court of Emperor Qianlong, and were replaced every month. While appreciating the scenery of each month, the viewer seems to participate in various activities in the picture.

China国内名家 Painting绘画 12P 十二月月令图.轴.清画院画.台北故宫博物院藏

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