China国内合集 Painting绘画 171P 十九世纪广州外销通草纸画
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广州外销通草画已经有两百年历史,它是见证近代西方与中国贸易发展历史并独具特色的艺术品,可谓之绘写广州民俗风情的历史名片。本书以通草画专论综述与研究、四篇画卷的大特写形式勾画出19世纪广州外销通草画所承载的社会历史图景,四大画卷分为:①珠江水域与船舶②官仕 庭府 世相③百业 农事 风物④民俗 宗教 戏剧。结合通草画所记录的图像溯源广州珠江水域民风、官仕生活、商贸市井、岭南礼俗等丰富的社会历史与文化,以及当时广州在外销产业模式下茶业、养蚕业、人物肖像、岭南风物等的繁盛世景,还包纳了服装、音乐、工艺、戏剧、宗教、民俗等,通过广州外销通草画题材与艺术风格的演变与发展,可探寻广州社会民俗及生活的历史源流与发展脉络。此套书以系统的文献梳理、四大图卷的形式一览19世纪广州历史文化的本源之貌,以旧画新说穿连历史之根,此批长久流传下来的图像形象地见证了广州在19世纪世界贸易与文化传播交流中的鼎盛荣光时代。全套书600多幅珍贵图像,每幅图文字附详实的考证与说明文字,融合了通草画故事的讲述,图文史料丰富,分类清晰,并有图录检索,通草画工艺及科技鉴定等数据考证,无论是专业性还是系统全面性都有所兼顾。适合于博物馆、图书馆、文化收藏机构及普通爱好者阅读。装帧设计具古雅之风,纸材考究,采用复古线装本与盒匣包装形式,富有匠心巧思,与图册内容做到完美契合。
Guangzhou Tongcao Painting for Export has a history of two hundred years. It is a unique work of art that witnessed the development of trade between the West and China in modern times. It can be described as a historical card that depicts Guangzhou’s folk customs. This book outlines the social and historical picture of the 19th century Guangzhou’s exported Tongcao painting in the form of summary and research of Tongcao painting monographs and four close-up pictures. The four pictures are divided into: ① the Pearl River waters and ships; ② the officials and officials; ③ the farmers; ④ folk religious drama. In combination with the images recorded by Tongcao Paintings, we trace back to the rich social history and culture of Guangzhou’s Pearl River waters, such as folk customs, official life, trade markets, Lingnan etiquette and customs, and the prosperous world scene of Guangzhou’s tea industry, sericulture, portrait, Lingnan scenery, etc. under the export industry model at that time, including clothing, music, technology, drama, religion, folk customs, etc., and through the evolution and development of Guangzhou’s export Tongcao Paintings theme and artistic style, The historical origin and development of Guangzhou’s social customs and life can be explored. This set of books lists the origin of Guangzhou’s history and culture in the 19th century in the form of systematic literature sorting and four pictures, and explains the root of history with old paintings and new ones. These images, which have been handed down for a long time, vividly witness the prosperous era of Guangzhou in the world trade and cultural communication in the 19th century. There are more than 600 precious images in the book, each of which is accompanied by detailed textual research and explanatory text, integrating the story of Tongcao painting. The pictures and texts are rich in historical materials, clear in classification, and have bibliographic retrieval, Tongcao painting technology and scientific and technological identification and other data textual research, giving consideration to both professionalism and system comprehensiveness. It is suitable for museums, libraries, cultural collection institutions and ordinary enthusiasts to read. The binding design is quaint, the paper material is exquisite, and the antique thread bound book and box packaging form are used, which are full of ingenuity and ingenuity, and perfectly match the contents of the atlas.

China国内合集 Painting绘画 171P 十九世纪广州外销通草纸画

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