Culture文化 Kungfu武学 217P 《武当丹派武当剑》马杰
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Wudang Dan Sect Wudang Sword “is a book published by Shanxi Science and Technology Publishing House in 2006, written by Ma Jie.

This book is further processed and organized based on the ancient sword genealogy, old sword genealogy, notes, oral instruction, and other aspects left over by three ancestors, Song Duyi, Li Jinglin, and Meng Xiaofeng. It supplements those that have not been published in the past, and contributes to the author’s personal experience and experience of learning and practicing Wudang swordsmanship for 49 years. The content of ‘Wudang Dan Sect Wudang Sword’ includes: the origin and development of Wudang swordsmanship, the basic techniques and essentials of Wudang sword, the six exercises and essentials of Wudang sword, and the ancient sword spectrum of ‘Wudang Sword’, which was originally preserved by Li Jinglin.

Culture文化 Kungfu武学 217P 《武当丹派武当剑》马杰

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