Culture文化 Kungfu武学 94P 《岳氏八翻手拳法》王锦泉
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Yue’s Eight Flip Hands is a traditional martial arts routine with a unique style, rich content, and strong attacking ability. It is widely popular in Taiyuan, Shanxi, and was taught by the famous martial arts master Mr. Wang Xinwu. Its posture is relaxed and elegant, and its movements are simple and flexible, with every move having offensive and defensive significance. Its practice emphasizes both internal and external cultivation, stable body movements, quick hands and eyes, smooth energy gathering, a combination of fast and slow movements, and a balance of hardness and softness. It not only has the value of enhancing the strength, speed sensitivity, coordination, flexibility and other qualities of the human body, but also plays a role in disease prevention, anti-aging, and self-defense against enemies. According to legend, Yue Wumu of the Song Dynasty had only nine hands, which later became twenty hands, and was further divided into three hundred and sixty hands. His legs were called the hook leg circling technique, which later became known as Yue Family Sanshou.

Culture文化 Kungfu武学 94P 《岳氏八翻手拳法》王锦泉

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