Culture文化 Kungfu武学 378P 《鸳鸯脚制敌绝技》布秉全
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布秉全,男,1945年10月出生于山西省太谷县。他从小习武,秉承庭训,研习内家三拳。并有多篇关于武术研究的文章发表于《中华武术》、《体育报》、《博击》、《力与美》等海内外报刊。1985年被评为山西省武术控整先进个人,并获全国实物三献雄狮奖。1987年山西省劳动竞赛委员会记三等功。1998年国家体育总局武术运动管理中心授予武术高段位(七段)称号。著作有健身法《洗髓经》腿击法《鸳鸯脚制敌绝技》人物传《布学宽志稿》。现兼任山西省武术协会常委、山西省形意拳协会顾问,晋中地区武术协会副主席,布学宽研究会会长。 中国武术七段。布秉全是形意拳名家布学宽第九子,人称“九爷”,现任布氏形意拳协会会长。布秉全习武、学习、工作齐头并进,形意拳功夫练得炉火纯青。退休后,他一头扎入武术研究之中,获得不菲成就,著作等身,是位学者型的武林高人。
Bu Bingquan, male, was born in Taigu County, Shanxi Province in October 1945. He learned martial arts from an early age, followed the court training, and studied the internal three fists. And many articles on martial arts research have been published in Chinese Martial Arts, Sports News, Boxi, Strength and Beauty and other domestic and foreign newspapers and periodicals. In 1985, he was rated as an advanced individual in martial arts control and integration in Shanxi Province, and won the National Three Lions in Kind Award. In 1987, Shanxi Provincial Labor Competition Committee recorded third class merit. In 1998, the Wushu Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of the People’s Republic of China awarded the title of High Rank (Seven Section) of Wushu. His works include body-building method, “Xi Sui Jing”, leg strike method, “Yuan Yang’s unique skill of controlling enemies by feet”, and character biography, “Cloth Learning and Broad Records”. Now he is also a member of the Standing Committee of Shanxi Wushu Association, a consultant of Shanxi Xingyi Quan Association, a vice chairman of Jinzhong Wushu Association, and a president of Buxuewan Research Association. The seventh part of Chinese martial arts. Bu Bingquan is the ninth son of Bu Xuekuan, a famous Xingyi Quan expert, known as the “Ninth Master”. He is now the president of Bu’s Xingyi Quan Association. Bu Bing practiced martial arts, studied and worked together, and his Xingyi Quan kung fu was perfect. After retirement, he plunged into the study of martial arts and achieved great achievements. He is a scholar of martial arts.

Culture文化 Kungfu武学 378P 《鸳鸯脚制敌绝技》布秉全

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