Culture文化 Kungfu武学 433P 《孙禄堂武学录》孙禄堂、孙剑云
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Sun Lutang’s Martial Arts Record “is a book published by People’s Sports Publishing House in January 2001. The author is Sun Lutang.

The “Sun Lutang Martial Arts Record” was written by the great master Sun Lutang, who wielded his hair. It combines the essence of Xingyi Boxing, Bagua Boxing, Tai Chi Boxing, and Bagua Sword Boxing, and teaches martial arts techniques, techniques, and principles. Experience is fully reflected in later generations. By reading the works of famous masters, one can enjoy a sense of satisfaction in learning from the classics, which naturally leads to a martial arts complex. The “Sun Lutang Martial Arts Record” is still one of the most precious materials for our research on boxing to this day.

Sun Lutang (1860-1933) was named Fuquan, also known as Lutang, with the evening name Hanzhai and the nickname Live Monkey. Born in Dongren Tuan Village, Wangdu County, Hebei Province, he was a renowned martial arts master at home and abroad in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China. He can be called a great master and is known as the “Tiger Head Shaobao” in modern martial arts, known as the “First Hand” in the world.

Sun Jianyun, a noble male with the name Shuting, is the legitimate daughter of Sun Lutang, who is known as the “Grand Master”, “Sai Huo Monkey”, “Tiger Head Shaobao, and the First Hand in the World”. He is also the second generation leader of Sun’s Tai Chi.