Culture文化 Kungfu武学 250P 《太极拳师门对话录——太极宗师洪均生言传身教原始记录》蒋家骏
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The Dialogue Record of Tai Chi Boxing Masters is a book published by the People’s Military Medical Publishing House in 2010, written by Jiang Jiajun.

This book provides a detailed and touching introduction to the three generations of Chen style Tai Chi masters Chen Fake, Hong Junsheng, and his successor Jiang Jiajun, who have studied, inherited, and developed Chen style Tai Chi. The author truthfully reproduces Chen and Hong’s superb boxing skills and insightful discussions on boxing and theory through conversations and transcripts, demonstrating their noble martial arts ethics. It is also a true portrayal of the author following his predecessors to learn and study Tai Chi. The “Dialogue Record of Tai Chi Masters: The Original Record of Tai Chi Master Hong Junsheng’s Words and Examples” has for the first time released precious pictures of Chen and Hong practicing martial arts, providing valuable historical materials for Tai Chi enthusiasts. The entire book is vivid and easy to understand, making it a rare reference book for Tai Chi enthusiasts.

Culture文化 Kungfu武学 250P 《太极拳师门对话录——太极宗师洪均生言传身教原始记录》蒋家骏

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